Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Asus Announces THE MOST RECENT Designo Curve MX32VQ Monitor

Asus has added a fresh admittance to its Designo series, the Designo Curve MX32VQ.

The 32-inches 16:9 WQHD frameless monitor is suitable for impact and built for an entire multi sensory experience for both work and play.The MX32VQ comes with ground breaking design elements, quality audio tracks technology and superb images, immersion and display screen space redefining your taking a look at experience.

Boasting 77% more pixels that classic Full HD displays, the business says that the Asus Designo Curve MX32VQ offers a cinema-like experience where comfort matches style. Its unique frameless 1800R curved -panel offers a wider field of view for a more substantial, more immersive looking at experience. The curvature of the display screen ensures every point is equidistant to the users eye, reducing ambient-light representation.

The monitor includes the Asus Eyeball Health care technology with T?V Rheinland-certified Flicker-Free and Ultra Low Blue Light systems to help minimise eyeball pressure and protect users from hazardous blue light.

The Asus Blue Light Filtration system has four different filtration settings that may be utilized via the onscreen screen menu, so users have full control over the quantity of blue light lowering. Asus Flicker Free technology also helps reduce onscreen flicker for a far more comfortable taking a look at experience.

Designed with entertainment at heart, the Designo Curve MX32VQ gives theatre-quality music with powerful 8W audio speakers and integrates Asus SonicMaster technology, co-developed with world-renowned Harman Kardon, a worldwide head in professional music systems.

The Asus Designo Curve MX32VQ was honored the nice Design Honor and the iF Product Design Honor because of its frameless, metallic design, having a one-of-a-kind Halo Lamps Base.

The clear platform permits the customisation of lights, as well as the synchronisation of equipment and lighting and audio-output, all finished with an intuitive volume level and LED control to ensure a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

The monitor will be available here -

Friday, February 23, 2018

3 Best Motherboards for i7 Processor

The Motherboard is the most imperative part in your gaming PC so it is key that you get the best motherboard for i7 6700k of every 2017, The best truly comes down to you the client, It all relies upon what highlights you are after and what number of ports you require as all motherboards as you will see beneath differ in particular, In this article we have attempted and tried all motherboard's included and I am specifically utilizing one day by day in my general and gaming PC.

Since the arrival of the Skylake a year ago different Z170 motherboards have been discharged for attachment 1151 and there is something for everybody and now with the Kabylake processors ending up more accessible the presentation of Z270 motherboard's for the Skylake processors which is the same 1151 attachment is welcome news on the off chance that you are after more up to date includes yet at the same time needing the fantastic Skylake i7 6700k.


The most well known gaming motherboard for the i7 6700k is the Asus ROG Maximus VIII, Now in the event that you have had an I7 before then you may have seen the Maximus before as it's been around for a considerable length of time on the past age of CPU's.
It has constructed an incredible notoriety which keeps gamer's decisively going straight back to it on there new form, This is basically because of its immense measure of highlights (more than most motherboards) and its dependability and stableness in having minimal measure of announced issues at various times.

The Maximus has been intended for easygoing to no-nonsense gamer's at the top of the priority list with plan and highlights, Looking at the criticism from clients there is only to a great degree positive surveys about the overclocking choices and the fantastic form quality.

Another great element is something many refer to as CrossChill EK which is an extraordinary cooling hinder that Asus has incorporated into the VRM Heatsink which Asus cases to diminish the motherboard MOSFETs 23c cooler in outrageous overclocks, This is a special reward for the overclockers out there.

The ROG Maximus has SUPREME FX on board which pushes on-board sound as far as possible which brings endlessly enhanced sound quality which is ideal for the gamer listens to tuning in for those moving toward strides and furthermore sounds magnificent when tuning in to music, It likewise has Asus Sonic SenseAmp and accompanies programming that enables you to alter the inbuilt amp for different amusement sorts.
The Slick dark on dark plan with red regions will look splendid in any windowed dark case, So if your one that constructs your PC on account of looks and execution then you have discovered your ideal match.

 2. ASUS Z170-A – My Choice

Next up another motherboard by Asus! On the off chance that you like the look of the greatest yet you are a little put off by the value then this motherboard has the vast majority of the highlights, is additionally made by Asus and is steady and solid and is a considerable measure less expensive which is immaculate on the off chance that you have a financial plan.

By and by this is the one I purchased for my I7 6700k and I haven't had any issues with it, I never overclock my processors (individual decision) yet in the event that you wish to then it has PRO Clock innovation which has a straightforward interface with an extensive variety of recurrence overclocking choices which makes overclocking simple for novices alongside further developed choices for experienced overclockers.

I am likewise not inspired by any additional installed sound as I utilize Logitech gaming earphones and I locate the sound nature of them ideal for me, in any case if an enhanced locally available sound is imperative to you out the case then this motherboard has a Crystal Sound 3 chip that lifts various Audio upgrades from your standard motherboard.
This motherboard is the most acquired for the i7 6700k processor as it advances to gamer's as well as because of the phenomenal cost.

Specs: 1151 Socket (Skylake), Ram 4 X DDR4 Slots for upto 64GB, 4x Onboard USB 3.1 and 4x 3.1 Front USB, 4x 6GB Sata Slots, M.2 bolster.

 3. GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 – The Asus Alternative!

It's constantly great to take a gander at an option, Some individuals dislike Asus or the plan for reasons unknown ( we are altogether unique) With more than 500 million motherboards' sold Asus is the number 1 decision yet like everything that does not imply that there isn't a conventional if worse option out there.

The Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard is up there with the motherboards above yet as it's by an alternate organization the locally available innovation and equipment contrasts somewhat, That doesn't mean it's any more awful, in certainty some of its highlights are better.
Soundblaster is a perceived name with regards to soundcards, This motherboard has on board a Creative Sound Blaster Certified sound center 3d chip which conveys stunning upgraded sound.

Another one to me, I have never had a designs card break the PCI space yet I do see some are truly overwhelming particularly with post-retail fans, Gigabyte have an answer for this so they have made stainless steel pci openings which they assert are 3 times more grounded, If you have ever had this issue please let me know in the remarks!
For those out there who what a more "take a gander at my auto composites" look then this one is certainly for you, It even has alterable lighting worked in so in case you're going for impressions through your case window then this is the motherboard for you, Personally I moved beyond that phase in my mid 20's and I favor the more expert look nowadays.

Specs: 1151 Socket (Skylake/Kabylake), Ram 4 X DDR4 Slots for upto 64GB, 7x USB 3.1 spaces (Bandwidth of 32gb) and 4x USB 2.0 openings, 6x Sata Slots and 3x Sata express spaces, M.2 bolster and Onboard LED's for outline.

The Asus Maximus Hero has the most highlights however is the most costly yet we think of it as worth the additional cost. The Asus extend is less demanding to utilize and overclock than some other Kabylake/Skylake motherboards. The Z170-A is the best an incentive for cash.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Upcoming 3 New Macs by Apple That Includes Brand New Chip

Every year apple releases their new Mac computers, but with minor upgrades. There are hardly any significant changes in their computers except performance upgrades. The usual updates are better processor speed, better RAM speed and better storage speed. But some reports have confirmed the apple is going to stop their MacBook Air series and release three new computers among which one of them is going to be a 13-inch entry level laptop.
The other two upgrade includes one desktop and a laptop which will have a custom co-processor made by Apple alongside the expected Intel silicon. Many of us expecting apple to power their machines by their own processor which might not happen this year.

Its still not sure yet about the specification of the co-processors, but the expected candidate for the processor are the mac pro and MacBook pro.

Till now apple has produced two processor chips among which one of them is T1 processor for the touch bar touchscreen in 2016. This processor handles the touch ID security. In 2017 they released the processor for iMac Pro. We can expect the T2 generation in the upcoming processor chip by Apple.

A separate report said that the iPad will have Apple’s latest chip that includes “the apple designed graphics engine and AI chip” that already being used in iPhone 8 and X.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Can We Expect Bendable Monitors for 2018?

2018 is knocking at out door, and 2017 is leaving by giving us some revolutionary technological inventions and upgrades. Recent years we have seen many upgradations regarding the display around us. We have seen curved displays on our phone and on our Televisions.  And curved monitors are well available at the market. There are many rumors regarding the bendable displays that are going to hit the market very soon.

We have already seen the concept phones and tablets with bendable displays. Big companies like LG and Samsung are rumored to release bendable displays very soon. What would be next, yes we can guess there won’t be any displays. Just imagine how elegant it would be to have a bendable display on your desktop, or you can just take it with you by rolling it in your pocket. Please 2018 give us some revolutionary change on monitors.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Laser printer vs. inkjet printer: Which one you should buy?

If you are planning to buy a printer, either for office or for home, one of the obvious choices you are most likely to come up with is whether to get an inkjet printer or a laser printer.

Choices will always be there no matter what you plan to buy as the competition is growing day by day and people tend to go for the options which will make their life easier.

Each and every thing has its own style and standard of meeting the required demands. In the same way, each technology comes up with different classifications and variations to give you the best experience in life.

Technology is there to make your life smoother and definitely different personalities will have different desires considering the varieties of different technological inventions.

Inkjet printer and Laser printer use different approaches and each of the two is appropriate for meeting different printing needs. Choices might differ according to your desire.


Office-ready inkjet printers can reach speeds of up to 75ppm, beating the fastest performance that any laser can come up with.


Laser printers still hold a strong position when it comes to clean, crisp black text and colour graphics. However, inkjets have enhanced radically on the text front, to the extent that quality is easily good enough for all internal and most external use. An office inkjet would not give you gallery-quality photos, but it should give you great results though might vary as per your desire.


Lasers are built to handle monthly duty cycles of anywhere between 2,000 and 20,000 pages, depending on the model, but if you need a printer capable of serving larger teams or applications where there’s likely to be a higher workload, then a laser printer might be your choice.


Again, conventional wisdom states that lasers are expensive to buy but cheap to run, while inkjets are cheap upfront but might cost you more in the long-run.

Nowadays, there is no specific answer to the question of inkjet vs. laser as both of them can serve in the best way meeting different demands in different ways. It all depends on workloads and the kind of tasks you need your printer to deal with.

Lasers definitely win through when it comes to heavy workloads, professional quality prints and the ability to scale up to serve large teams, but office-focused inkjets do not lack behind in many of these areas, and can beat lasers on running cost, purchase costs and everyday performance.

At the end of the day, it is purely your call which one to go for as both of them can serve you with the best according to their model and classifications.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Acer Aspire V3-574 Laptop is Now Available at Star Tech

We are glad to let you know that the new Acer Aspire V3-574 core i3 laptop is now available at Star Tech. It comes with many exciting features including 7 hours battery backup, backlit keyboard and many more.

  • Acer Aspire V3-574
  • 5th Gen i3-5005U 
  • 4GB DDR3L Ram
  • 1TB HDD
  • 15.6" HD Led 
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • DVD+RW- webcam 
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI 
  • USB 3.0 
  • card reader
  • 7-hour Backup
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Color - Black
You will get a scratch card when you purchase any Acer laptop from us.

Scratch and win:
  • Dhaka-Bankok-Dhaka air ticket 
  • Refrigerator 
  • LED TV 
  • Micro web oven 
  • Bicycle 
  • Shopping voucher up-to 10,000tk & more.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

CCTV System to Secure your Safety within your Hands

Secure by CCTV System
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Safety comes first, no matter how or what the situation is. All you think about is your very own security. 

Safety does not measure age, status, gender or class, everyone wants to be secured by preventing crimes or staying away from the unwanted incidents.

Secure Yourself

Secure Yourself
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Nowadays, the price of advanced safety innovation, as CCTV structures, is descending so fast that you would just be impractical not to buy one of these charters to acquaint with your household or commercial arenas. CCTV remains for Closed-Circuit Television and is a paramount amongst the other alternatives to construct your security and give you the outlooks of tranquillity.

CCTV Systems at Home

CCTV Systems at Home
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Many locality reports seem to show that misconduct is on the gradient in the larger part of our nearby groups. 

Innovation now brings you the opportunity to purchase CCTV System and introduce it at the front of your home, allowing you to record doubtful movements and stop lawbreakers from any attempted incidents.

CCTV Systems at Office

CCTV Systems at Office
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Working at office is a huge pressure itself then again thinking about the security just adds more load. It’s definitely not possible to be available all the time for making sure of the safety around your office area.

Have not you thought of ordering CCTV yet? Yes, setting CCTV at your office will not only lessen your tension but also will help you to watch over 24 hours regardless of the fact of your physical existence.

Gripping the Protection

CCTV Mobile Monitorig
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CCTV frameworks can alert you through your cell phones regardless of where you are on the earth. You can then login by means of your mobile and see exactly what is happening through your CCTV camera without even being around, which means you can have a hold over your home or office even not being closer to it through the recording in your laptops or cell phones!

Day by day, life is becoming very difficult and safety has secured the top position in everyone’s priority list. Thanks to some outstanding innovations for making life easier and allowing us to feel secured at all times!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Laptop Buying Guide Is All You Need!

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The word ‘Laptop’ might sound a bit laidback and even the size can sometimes be devious but the service it comes with, is just beyond one’s imagination for sure! 

Yes, I am talking about laptops — the ones those come in small sizes just to make it easier for you to carry around and yet very much versatile to help you out with almost everything!

With the passing days, laptops tend to get more upgraded and trendier. A laptop buying guide can help you out to find the perfect laptop to meet your choice.

Choose the Platform 

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Before buying a laptop you need to decide what kind of platform as in operating system you’re looking for! 

An operating system acts exactly like a heart of the laptop and through that you tend to get connected with your laptop. So let this laptop buying guide help you to find out the right heart — operating system — to get connected with.

Chrome OS: It is an operating system designed by Google and based upon the Linux kernel. This OS runs custom apps and cloud-based programs rather than outmoded software. It's miraculous for surfing the Web, staying updated with your e-mail and social networks, and sharing your photos with loved ones, rather than more data-intensive chores like video editing and die-hard gaming!

MAC: It brags a sophisticated and easy-to-use interface to balance Macs’ glossy aesthetics and striking battery life. Macs have recorded fewer issues with viruses and malware. Macs come pre-installed with a suite of registered software, and each application is compatible for errands such music or video editing.

Windows: It is a meta-family of graphical operating systems. It entails of numerous families of operating systems, each of which gratify to a definite sector of the computing diligence. Windows is the standard for varieties of business-related programs and game development.

Suits Your Style!

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Since you are planning to buy a laptop so definitely it needs to get along with your style! Though you might come across with loads and loads of alternatives yet some basic points are needed to be checked.

Brands: There are many brands to choose from but always keep one thing in mind that is the brand of your laptop beholds the standard of it. Accurate and appropriate technical support is supreme. In 2015 Best and Worst Laptop Brands report, Apple placed first, followed by Dell and HP.

Designs: There are huge options with different designs and models to check out from but whatever you choose must compliment your style and of course shouldn’t compromise the brand!

Sizes: You can find laptops with different screen-sizes starting from around 10 inches up to 18 inches. Again it depends on your demands which of the size would be just right for you!

Battery: Basing on your choice of using your laptop, make sure to check the strength of the battery of the laptop that you are intending to buy. Different categories of batteries can take the pressure of workload up to different levels so it would be wise to choose considering the workload.

So before you buy make sure you choose the best for you, of course suiting your personality and meeting your desires by getting through the variations of designs, models with different functions and features. 

Fits your Budget

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No matter what you get up to budget is something that you need to think of, at least for once. Laptop prices in Bangladesh varies from brands to brands — not much though but a little of course. 

You can find your desired laptop starting from 35,000 Taka and on wards approximately. 

Laptop prices in BD comes with a huge range to meet the desire of the people from every class. So ‘budget’ cannot come in between your choice and decision hopefully.


Some Homework Might Help

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Before you take your final decision of buying your very own laptop, make sure you do some homework — small research — about what is the brand being followed or is in trend currently, what the updated versions are and definitely which laptop is going to meet your desires! 

Once you get done with your research and figure out answers to your queries, you are all set to head for the deal! 

The laptop buying guide is here just to help you out to find the right track but the decision has to be made by you completely depending on your choice.